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MOST specializes in developing and manufacturing mobile satellite solutions,  for various applications - Defense, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement and Public Safety Industries as well as Commercial applications such as Electronic News Gathering.  For over a decade, MOST has been developing and manufacturing advanced and reliable high-end products and systems, demonstrating quick response capabilities, long-term stability and, above all, excellent product and customer support. Our products are being operated successfully in various applications, all systems are operationally proven in a broad range of mobile applications.

Maritime Applications

The MOST antenna solution for marine platforms is suitable for use in military and commercial vessels. The MOST antenna has a low EMC profile, making it an excellent "add on" device on any type of marine platform.

Land Applications

The low profile and light weight of the MOST antenna, as well as its minimal drag effect make it an ideal solution for land platforms such as trains, SUV, trucks, for their on-the-move satellite connectivity. For these platforms, MOST also offers an excellent capability of fast re-acquisition time, answering the tough requirement for satellite tracking continuity during an LOS blockage.

MOST is designed to meet tough Military Standards requirements, making it a versatile solution for various mission-critical applications, and allowing mobile land platforms equipped with it to respond immediately in any terrain, off- or on-road, anywhere on the globe.

Common land uses:

  • News Gathering
  • Homeland Security
  • Ministry of Emergency Situations
  • Global Corporate Business Continuity

Airborne Application

The low profile and light weight of the MOST antenna, as well as its minimal drag effect make it an ideal solution for aerial platforms. Audio (VOIP) Live TV MOST for airborne applications was especially designed to fit strict requirements for safety, operational efficiency and performance in civilian as well as in mission aircraft. The MOST antenna's performance ensures a high-capacity information flow, enabling all passengers on a plane to remain connected during flight.

Common airborne uses:

  • Airliners Live Connectivity (TV, Internet etc.)
  • Mission Aircraft

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