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Welcome to BGI Engitech Pvt Ltd !

Crash Rated Barriers

B.G. I Engitech Pvt. Ltd, India is a wholly owned subsidiary of BG Ilanit Gates & Urban Elements Ltd., Israel.(

BGI Group with its 28 years of knowledge and experience is a leading provider of Anti-Ramming perimeter protection solutions.BGI is an ISO 9001:2008 company and is certified in Manufacturing and Installation of electric gates, barriers, metal and electricity work.

BGI Specializes in Anti-ramming bollards and gates, and advanced access control that protects facility perimeters worldwide.BGI offers a line of products suitable for both military and civilian needs. The company has a professional and well-experienced team with a dedicated.BGI puts a special emphasis on combining strength with esthetics. The products are customized for Indian conditions that are strong, durable and corrosion resistant which blend with the surroundings

ice barriers

"BGI's Barriers reliability is unmatched. working continuously even during the recent heavy snow in Israel" 

All products have been developed and certified by experts in the field of security and meets the K8 standards and equivalent PAS standard.

BGI’s Channel Partners

GiBiDi, Italy

BGI Engitech in collaboration with GiBiDi, Italy has brought to India, creative Gate Automation for both Residential complexes and Industrial houses.

TIBA, Israel

BGI Engitech in collaboration with TIBA, Israel has brought to India the state of the art, Israeli technology which is easy, efficient & effective solution to all your parking needs.